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Sensitive people need to work with energy on multiple levels simultaneously in order to thrive on this planet. In this empowering book, you will learn deep truths about high sensitivity, and the essential pieces you need to know for being able to be healthy and to heal yourself and your children.

This book includes the unique Foundations Healing System - a powerful healing, clearing, and manifestation modality. It is designed to work gently, yet extremely powerfully for sensitive children and adults, providing detoxification and deep healing.​​​​​​​

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If you feel or experience more physical and/or emotional pain than other people, you may be an empath. In this book, you will discover how your ability to feel so much is a gift that you can use to your advantage to benefit yourself and to help others.


The author, an empath herself, will open your eyes to a new way of approaching yourself and your life as you discover:

A deep, authentic meaning of what it is to be an empath.
Powerful tools for healing and maintaining balance for yourself.
How to use your empathic intuition.
How to effectively clear toxic energies away from you.
How to maintain your boundaries on multiple levels.
Techniques for being grounded as an empath.
The distinction between empathic and empathetic.
How you can live with health and peace as an empath.
How you can use your gifts to support and help your empathic children to thrive in the world.

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This is the most powerful moment in human history; the moment when humanity has the chance to save itself.

These directly channeled messages share powerful, new information to empower you to help our world now. Go beyond the stories you have been told about human history, life on earth, religion, spirituality, science and the cosmos. Learn from the wisdom of the multiverse how the remembrance of who you are will change everything.


A fully channeled, interactive guide to knowing the truth about our world and the cosmos. Toward Ascension is the companion to Be Free: Empowering Messages From The Light.


These messages expand upon the topics in Be Free, as well as addressing new ones, specifically regarding ascension. This book contains those messages, as well as specific techniques and exercises that you can use to apply the information to your daily life. A special section for lightworkers about the rules for working in alignment with The Light and for helping sensitives is included in this second edition printing.

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Whether you are just beginning or have been working with it for some time, it is exciting to be on a journey of learning to work with your natural intuitive gifts and develop your skills. This book and accompanying materials are designed to support you in using your intuitive gifts, developing your skills, and interpreting the messages you receive in your daily life.

You will learn the different forms that intuition can take for different people and the vital piece of being aware of using discernment with your intuition. Discover the possible ways to receive intuitive guidance, so that you can be aware of how it is coming to you. You will also learn what channeling is, how to set yourself up to be a clear channel of light, how to ask questions and receive answers through your intuitive senses, how to ask permission to channel, and how to share the information you receive. You will learn powerful energy clearing techniques that you can use to ensure that you are clear before channeling.

Along with the book, you will receive two powerful channeled MP3 recordings to support and activate using your intuition.

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There is so much more to people than meets the eye. This eye-opening book teaches about the uniqueness of all beings. Discover how you are here for an important reason, and you are an important part of the whole. Many people are prevented from aligning to their purposes and fulfilling their missions for being here due to judgments and limiting beliefs about their capabilities. It is time for this to change.


Become empowered as you gain an authentic perspective about who you really are, where you are from, and why you are here now.