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eBook and Energy Work Session

Whether you are just beginning or have been working with it for some time, it is exciting to be on a journey of learning to work with your natural intuitive gifts and develop your skills. This book and accompanying materials are designed to support you in using your intuitive gifts, developing your skills, and interpreting the messages you receive in your daily life.

You will learn the different forms that intuition can take for different people and the vital piece of being aware of using discernment with your intuition. Discover the possible ways to receive intuitive guidance, so that you can be aware of how it is coming to you. You will also learn what channeling is, how to set yourself up to be a clear channel of light, how to ask questions and receive answers through your intuitive senses, how to ask permission to channel, and how to share the information you receive. You will learn powerful energy clearing techniques that you can use to ensure that you are clear before channeling.

Along with the book, you will receive two powerful channeled MP3 recordings to support and activate using your intuition.

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