The Foundations Healing System

Learn how energy works and how to work with it safely and effectively for healing and transformation.



"l can't say enough about the wonderful effects of doing this practice. In the last 6 months, I have adapted it and made it my own and the results have been spectacular. The simplicity and effectiveness of this type of meditation or healing method are in my opinion unmatched. I have done so many types of spiritual practice and healing work and this simply works the best and brings both together. This is the medicine of the future and the way to do energy healing work on yourself. With this, you can enter spiritual states of consciousness and feel so much joy and love. If you do this regularly, with sincerity, you will connect with Divine healing energies and make spiritual progress."

- Matthew in Florida

We are multidimensional beings whose health are affected by multiple factors. Most of these are ignored by health professionals who simply don't have the awareness that there's more to us and our existence than what can be seen. In fact, as we know from quantum science, there's about 95% more. Simply attempting to treat symptoms doesn't address the source of the issues, nor does it resolve it. A simple-tiered approach isn't as effective as an appropriate multi-leveled approach for complex conditions/experiences. The Foundations Healing System gets you started doing this on your own, and empowers you in multiple ways.

Your body has the capability to heal itself. At the root of your health condition is an imbalance that's caused by toxins (on some level) that have harmed your body. It's vital to detoxify your body so that it has the chance to heal. Instead of implementing harsh detoxification protocols, your body will detoxify itself as you work with your diet and lifestyle through The Foundations Healing System. You can use this natural, holistic approach to facilitate healing and maintain wellness, and/or you can use it in conjunction with any other treatments you are already using. You can pair it with medications, supplements, or herbs.

I created The Foundations Healing System because I knew from personal experience that there needed to exist a way for very sensitive people to be able to experience energy healing, and also profoundly effective healing, without distress. The Foundations Healing System is powerful self-healing. The entire method is written in my book, The Foundations System, which teaches you the science behind natural healing and manifestation.

With The Foundations Healing System, you can experience the following in a gentle way that resonates for and honors you:

Energetic, spiritual, emotional and physical healing


Spiritual Awakening

Energetic, spiritual and physical detoxification

Spiritual remembrance of self, purpose and mission

A gentle and powerful spiritual practice

Preparation to become an energy or spiritual healer

Increase and development of psychic abilities