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About Intuitive Channeling

I became dedicated to developing my intuitive skills when I was searching for answers and ways to help my son and myself to heal.  During the time before I was confident in knowing how to use my own intuition, I learned (often the hard way) that many people who share channeled information are doing so without using discernment and working in alignment with highest good of the person. Therefore, I am completely committed to only bringing forth information that is truly from The Light. The energy healing technologies I share are what I have worked very hard to bring to our planet to help us to heal and to thrive.


What is Channeling?

Channeling involves bringing forth information through oneself that is from beyond one’s own mind, knowledge, and beliefs. There are different ways that people channel and different ways they receive information. My strongest intuitive sense is clairsentience, however, the writing and spoken channeling I share flows through me partly as clairaudience and mostly, it just flows straight through me.

Although I can do deep trance channeling, I do not to use this method. I remain in a conscious state while I channel. Sometimes I am having a conversation, while other times I am simply listening, receiving, and allowing the messages to flow through me. When I am channeling, my fingers type more quickly than when I am simply writing something that I am thinking about. It could be called “conscious trance channeling,” in that I remain in a conscious state, but quiet my mind to allow for the information to flow through me. Also, in remaining conscious, I can be aware of my body, which communicates to me through clear-feeling, so that I will know if any low-vibrational energies are attempting to interfere with my channeling in any way, and also be aware of the messages I receive empathically. When I channel, I connect to the Highest Source within The Light and translate the vibrations I receive into words in English, as well as sound vibrations.

The most important thing to know about channeling is that because energy communicates without bounds, a person can very easily receive information from low-vibrational sources, including beliefs from within a person's own mind. These sources are not from, with and within The Light. There is information from sources like this all over this planet. As a result, people say things based upon what they believe rather than what is in the highest benefit of all. When a person channels in this fashion, all kinds of mistruths can be spread, and they often are.

In order to be a clear channel of The Light, I do a number of things each and every single time before channeling, plus consistent daily maintenance:

1.     I consistently maintain a pure, organic diet so that my body is a pure vessel. I drink pure water. I use natural products on my body and in my home environment. I keep my body detoxified.

2.     I consistently keep myself clear of low-vibrational energies and attachments.

3.     Before channeling, I do my entire Foundations Healing Process, which assures that I am completely cleared of all low vibrations and attachments on all levels, I am fully present, have full clarity, am balanced and grounded. Essentially, I place myself in a state in which I am being my I AM Presence, right here and now in the moment.

4.     Once in this state, I tune directly to the Highest Source within The Light. I verify that I am clear, and then ask for permission to channel.

6.     I always ask when the channeling is complete if it is the truth from, with and within The Light. If not, I delete it.  If I feel something interfere while I am channeling I will stop and ask for it to be cleared away. If necessary, I will stop channeling and deal with it myself and then do my entire preparation process again.

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