The Profound Power of Holistic Healing: A True Story

by Janice Carlin, PhD, CHHP, CHNP, CNHP

Copyright © 2014 Janice Carlin

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This is a fascinating and inspiring true story. It reminds us that the only limits to experiencing ourselves as the powerful beings that we are lie in within our own minds. Once we silence the voices of fear and limitation, we are left with the truth that the possibilities are without limits. We have the power to transform even the most seemingly bleakest of situations into something wonderful and beautiful. We can move from suffering to peace. 

In November 2013, I got a disturbing call from my dad. He was suffering from some sort of terrible problem with his liver, but none of the doctors he was seeing could figure out what it was. It took several weeks and a lot of testing, but finally one specialist did. My dad had had a severe toxic reaction to an antibiotic he had taken a few weeks before.  This rare condition is called Vanishing Duct Syndrome. In essence, the bile ducts in the liver literally were disappearing and his body had no way to rid itself of he excess bile that was building up. Allopathic medicine provided two courses of action to resolve the situation:  Have a liver transplant (not a great idea for a 73-year-old man) or wait for an indeterminate amount of time to see if he would be lucky enough to heal on his own. There were no guarantees that he would heal or even survive. They placed him on a transplant list and waited. When he called me to tell me about the diagnosis and how serious it was, I felt compelled to make an offer to him of the things I could do to help. My dad and I have different approaches to healing as he is a practicing physician.   I made the offer and he rejected it. He told me that he wanted to try everything else that the doctors could do for him before he would do anything alternative. This was, of course, extremely difficult for me because I knew that I could help, but without his permission, I had no choice but to stay out of the situation. I live over 1,000 miles away from him and although I asked to come and visit him, he did not want me to at the time.

From Bad To Worse

Over the next few weeks his health declined rapidly. He lost 22 pounds, was itching relentlessly from the bile salts, which had backed up inside of his body, and he could not sleep or eat at all. This was serious because he was not receiving enough nutrition to stay alive.  He was admitted to the hospital where they took care of him for a week, providing this much needed nutrition. After he got home, he had a PICC line inserted so he could receive nutrition because he was unable to eat and digest food.  He had no appetite at all. And to top everything off, he had developed a secondary toxic reaction to the medication he had been taking to control the itching from the liver problems. His skin was now inflamed and peeling off of his entire body.  He was freezing cold and miserable. Things were not looking good for him.

Enter, A New Approach

Finally, my dad called and asked for me to come. So, a few days before New Year’s, I set off for my old hometown in Texas.  Thankfully, he had just had a forward shift and had regained his appetite, so they removed the PICC line. I was prepared to go and help my stepmother clean and cook, sit with my dad and keep him company, and just keep my mouth shut. However, what awaited me in San Antonio was aligned with what I had wished for all these long weeks - my dad asked me to help him. I wanted to jump right in and get all of the junk out of his diet (he was insistent on eating red jello all day long because he needed extra calories), but the course of this healing would have nothing to do with what my mind wanted. This was Divinely guided and we both had to completely surrender to allow for the healing to occur as he needed.

When I say Divinely guided, I mean that my personal mind, Janice, was not making the decisions about the courses of action. I channeled everything I said and did for him directly from the highest source possible from The Light, and I trusted and followed every direction. There were times when I would ask if I could address the food with him and I was told "no." This was challenging for me, but I know the importance of following guidance and trusting that there is a source of information that knows more than I do, especially when it comes to the delicate state my dad was in. I also know that every person's energy is different and has different needs.  In fact, this is why I worked so hard to develop my  channeling skills - to get past the beliefs of my mind to access what a person truly needs in their highest good for healing. I don't think that my dad really knew that I was channeling at this point, though, and he had never read any of my books.

My dad wanted me to give him some relaxation techniques so that he could sleep. He had had extreme insomnia for weeks now. I told him that was not really what I do, but that over the course of things, the sleep would come back. He seemed ready to listen to whatever I had to say.  During the next four days of my visit, we worked solely on spiritual issues. I’ll admit I was surprised when the guidance I was receiving had only to do with addressing the spiritual level for him. However, in retrospect, I completely understand.

How True Holistic Healing Works

As I explained to my dad while I was there with him, true holistic healing involves addressing the entire being of the person.  Each part of ourselves, the mental, emotional, physical, etheric, and spiritual are all affected by each other. However, in order to more efficiently affect any of the other levels for healing and transformation, the spiritual must be attended to first. All of the other pieces align to the spiritual. Why? This is because the majority of what we are is spiritual. We are beings of pure energy, of light, that are vastly larger than our physical bodies. If we don't attend to what is occurring on this level of ourselves, we are ignoring the deeper issues. All is rooted within the spiritual level and energy healing also occurs here. Whatever we are unable to resolve is rooted within that, which we can't see with our physical eyes.

There was not a lot of time with my dad because he was so sick. There was not time to sit and ask him questions about his beliefs and what he felt about things. We had to move quickly and the best way to do this was for me to channel and then share information and guidance with him. So, I did.  And what we experienced together over those four days was life changing for both of us. I got to finally be my authentic self with my dad, and he got to experience peace and a direct connection to  Divine/God. I helped to facilitate and witness him having a spiritual awakening. And through this, he was able to begin to align everything else that was happening to him to a higher place, a more authentic place. He was able to see a bigger picture that was beyond his everyday fears and worries, and this brought him a huge sense of relief and peace. We were changing his thoughts to be more aligned with what he wanted instead of focusing on the fears he was having about the "what ifs."

During the time I was there with him I was happy to witness the amazing support group he has in his life. From his wife, who is an incredibly attentive, nurturing and supportive caretaker, to his other children and friends, my dad was far from being all alone. I smiled as I overheard a phone conversation he was having with one of his closest friends in which his friend said emphatically, "You're damn right you're going to beat this thing and recover!!" Although he felt terrible and could barely get out of bed, people were visiting him, calling him and expressing their love and support. I got to truly see what a beloved man my father is. In fact, many of his patients were refusing to see any other doctor and were waiting for him to recover.

As we worked together on the spiritual pieces, I reminded him to ask for help from Divine/God often - to really turn up his praying. I gave him some energetic tools to use to help him with his very strong anxiety about the fears he had of dying and being sick. He liked them very much and was happy to have tools to use to help himself to calm down and feel peaceful. I did some Holographic Sound Healing for him as well. We bundled him up because he was so freezing and went to have some blood work done on the third day to see how his liver was doing. 

My dad wanted to show his appreciation to me for helping him, so he bought my book, The Foundations System. I felt good knowing that he would have the information and tools that he needed once I returned home. The night before I left, my stepmother knocked on my door, crying. She had looked at his back and saw that the inflammation was beginning again and she knew that the skin reaction would be starting full force all over again.

Another Turn For The Worse

My dad called me on my way home from the airport and told me that his blood test showed major improvement for his liver functions. He thanked me and felt good about our time together. However, my stepmother was correct. He was beginning another downturn related to the skin reaction and it wasn't going to be good. She called me two days later and told me that she was very worried and thought he should go back to the hospital. He didn't want to go. I hadn't been channeling for him since I had gotten home, but I felt compelled to ask about this. The answer was clearly that he had to go to the hospital. I called and told them. He wanted to wait until his appointment with the dermatologist.  Two days later, the doctor took one look at him and sent him directly to the emergency room. His hands, face, legs and feet were extremely swollen, his skin was peeling and shedding off and he was very dehydrated. He still hadn't gained weight despite eating very well.

A team of eight doctors hydrated him and give him a megadose of steroids. Now, this was an occasion in which the medication he was being given was medically necessary. The reaction had to be stopped or he would die. The three week course of antibiotics he was given back in October, which had set off this whole thing was not medically necessary. An ENT prescribed them to him when he went to be evaluated for some new hearing aids. The doctor wanted to make sure his sinuses were cleaned out from bacteria just in case there was some lurking from any past sinus infection. This information was extremely emotionally difficult for me to hear when he told me, as I had assumed he had been ill in the first place. Currently, he knew it was not a good idea to take this high dose of steroids for very long.

A week later, as I was driving over a huge bridge, I heard a message from Divine Light in my mind. It told me to call my dad and offer my services to him on a larger scale. So, I called him in the hospital. He told me that the team of doctors were with him and that he would call me back.  When he did, he sounded deflated as he told me that the doctors said that they could do nothing else for him in the hospital and that they were sending him home with the large dose of steroids. I offered my help as I had at the beginning, telling him that we had not yet even scratched the surface of all that I could do for him. In that moment, my dad completely surrendered and agreed to let me work with him to my full abilities.

Let The Healings Begin

My dad began reading The Foundations System book when he got home. The first thing I asked him when we spoke was, “Do you want to live?  Are you fully committed to staying here?”  His answer was strongly, “Yes,” so I dug right in.  The first week, I did 4 sessions a day for my dad. These were each at least an hour, usually longer, and involved intensive energy healing, clearing, and channeling of information. By the time we reached the weekend I could barely move, I was so exhausted. I took a day to regenerate and then started in again. My dad was responding to me and listening when we would talk things over on the phone each day, so I was feeling inspired and encouraged even though he was not yet feeling better. The second week continued in the same way, but I was directed to start sharing some channeled guidance with him. This freaked me out on an emotional level since we had never even spoken about the fact that I channel, but I was determined to do whatever I could to help him. The sessions started to shift from mostly energy healing to mostly sharing channeled guidance with him. We even had a long session over the phone. He would say to me, "It's so empowering! I feel so empowered!" I could hear everything I was supposed to do so clearly from what to do for the healings to what to tell him from the channelings and when to call him to address questions he was having. It was flowing so easily.  By this time, my dad was using some energy techniques for himself. My highly intuitive son was helping as well. He would run up to me and say, "Mom, it's time. You have to do a session for Grandpa right now!" He was also doing powerful energy healing work in his own ways.

What was happening with the channeling was to make sure that my dad’s thoughts were aligned to his soul. That is, to align his other levels to the spiritual, which again is why I had to address that first when I was first with him. If he was still going to hold onto beliefs and energies from the past that no longer served him in living in the present, he wasn't going to heal. For there were some beliefs that had landed him in this predicament in the first place. The energy work I had done had put the energetic pieces in place so that once he aligned his thoughts and beliefs, things could really take off for him. For even as we worked together, he had continued to suffer – peeling, shedding skin, and feet and legs swollen with edema that hurt and oozed so badly he could not wear shoes or walk, the feeling of being freezing cold, and working hard to overcome his fears and anxieties. I worked diligently and intensely to help him in every way that I could. I sent him recordings of Holographic Sound Healing and others with me singing gently to him. He had read the entire Foundations book and so he was armed with a huge amount of helpful information and tools that he could use on multiple levels. He had learned about manifestation and how to work directly and effectively with energy to create what he wanted.

Toward the end of the intensive sessions, I received two very long channelings that were extremely intense. After the first one, my dad called me and said, “Well, you really gave it to me, Janice.”  He was overwhelmed, but was willing to do what he was guided to do. The second one was an even harder whack over the head for him, and I was crying even typing it to send to him.  It was emotionally difficult for me to say these things to my dad, but as I told him, if it had been anyone else for whom I was working, I would tell them what needed to be heard. I owed him the same respect. My dad was working so hard. He was doing in a few weeks what had taken me a decade to accomplish within my own healing/awakening journey. He was determined and I so was I, so he listened to the guidance and followed it. He was starting to feel better.

Success Beyond Imagination

The intensive work I did with my dad took place over one month. I was then guided to stop. At this point, he was feeling better and the dermatologist had started lowering his dosage of steroids. He was a little worried about flaring up again, but I assured him that this wouldn't happen, and it didn't. He called me one day to happily report that he had gone for a drive in his car by himself, and another day he had gone for a walk outside. He had been stuck inside in his bedroom for weeks and weeks and he was so happy to be back out in the world!  His improvement moved quickly from this point onward.  He was antsy to be more productive as he was getting very bored at home. On March 1st, my dad went back to work. He worked part time for two weeks and then started in with full time work.  At the end of March, he went on a vacation to the beach. My dad almost died twice, but then he decided to live. And with that decision, he surrendered to a larger force than any doctor or his own mind, and he asked for help. It was my honor  to help to facilitate that assistance for him.  You see, you can clear and heal everything once you leave the body and go back home as a pure spirit, or you can help to create heaven on Earth and do the work while you are here. My dad did the work here and now he is feeling great. He's coming to visit us here in Florida very soon, and we can't wait to see and embrace him!

For me, this was such an immense experience that I didn't tell many people what was happening. In fact, I didn't look at Facebook or anything in the media at all during the entire time I was doing the healings with him. I had to stay focused and had to keep other people’s energies away from mine and his. The time-frame was so short and the situation was so intense and delicate that I had to give it my absolute all.  My dad is alive, but he isn't just that.  He is thriving, he is happy and he is peaceful. His joy and his light can continue to touch other people’s through his work with his patients and his personal relationships.

- March 28, 2014