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FAQs About
The Foundations Healing System

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For whom is The Foundations Healing System best suited? 
The Foundations Healing System is for anyone who wishes to use it. It is for people of all ages and animals. When used in its entirety, it is designed for those with high sensitivity, who may be experiencing conditions such as autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, exhaustion and fatigue, and pain.

Can The Foundations Healing System cure my illness? 
Healing is a return to your original, balanced, harmonious state. Using the word “cure” implies that there is something wrong with you, which there is not.  You are either functioning from a state of balance or you are not. As you work to return to balance, your experience of your illness will change.

Why is it important for parents to use The Foundations Healing System for themselves if they are only seeking to help their children to heal?
A lot of what children are experiencing has to do with what they are carrying from their family lines. Also, many times children are sick or struggling because there is something that they are working to help their parents remember about the bigger picture. Children are born with great awareness and sensitivity, and they are working with you to help you to step into your own awareness. Any time you clear your own energy, it helps your children to feel better.

Can The Foundations Healing System help my child with autism? 
This system is inspired by those experiencing symptoms on the autism spectrum. Yes, The FHS will help, but how each person progresses is individual to themselves and their family. Many of the parts of the system have been shown through scientific research to benefit those with autism, and when you combine them together into one, there are synergistic effects, which amplify everything you are doing to the benefit of your child. Often, because doctors and therapists are unaware of the perspectives that many with autism live with, the distress that a person is experiencing is misunderstood and misinterpreted, leading to labels and medications. With The Foundations, you will address the root of the struggles, illness, pain, and instability in the most honoring and gentle ways possible.

Can The Foundations Healing System be used in conjunction with other treatments, even with traditional allopathic medicine? 
Yes, absolutely.

Isn't it necessary to have special training and certifications to be able to clear energy and do deep energetic healing work?
No, it is not. Everyone has the right to know how to care for themselves and their children in honoring ways. There are many different ways to clear energy on the subtle level and anyone can do it for themselves; all that it takes is awareness and taking the time to learn how to do it. Powerful, accessible techniques are included in The Foundations System book.

Is it necessary to make the dietary changes outlined in The Foundations Healing System in order to reap the full benefits from the energy healing? 
Yes, it is. The Foundations involves approaching your health from as many levels as possible. The physical level is no less important that the spiritual or emotional levels. Without purifying the diet, you are simply working to continually detoxify yourself rather than to be able to heal in deep ways. The diet opens the doors to allow for true healing to occur.
Is using The Foundations Healing Process enough to heal on a deep level?
This depends on what you are experiencing. The Basic and Full Healing Processes will alleviate symptoms and bring you back to a state of balance, while the deeper healing techniques will allow for healing on a much deeper level. 

How can I afford to eat organic foods when I live paycheck to paycheck? 
Making the changes to an organic diet slowly will help. Plus, as you begin to heal and you no longer are paying for doctor visits, medications, healing sessions, and so many supplements, you will find that you have more money to spend on your foods. 

Why and how did Janice develop The Foundations Healing System?
The Foundations Healing System came about because I saw a real need for parents, caregivers, and children to have an accessible, yet powerfully effective way to help themselves. My son and I are so highly sensitive that we needed a new type of healing modality that was more gentle and honoring of our high degree of sensitivity. After ten years of intensive research, education, and experience, I had gained the information I needed in order to understand the system so I could share it. At that point, I wrote the entire system down, we began to use it and our entire lives changed for the better!

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