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The Importance of Safe, Effective Detox

by Janice Carlin, PhD, CHHP, CHNP, CNHP

Copyright © 2023 Janice Carlin  All Rights Reserved.


There is a lot of misinformation about how to detoxify the body. In fact, very few practitioners are trained in safe detoxification techniques. In this article, I share seven common mistakes that can make people’s detox efforts less effective and even cause harm.


Mistake #1: Using Chelators Without Regard for Their Half-lives

A chelator’s half-life is the time it is fully active in the body. Chelators, when used properly, will grab onto heavy metals and toxins like a claw. However, once their half-life time is reached, their ability to hold on lessens. You have to know how long they are effective and then take them again before they lessen their hold. Otherwise, those toxins will be redistributed to other locations in the body.

This is the reason people struggle with IV chelation. The half-life of each chelator differs, but none are longer than twelve hours. 



Mistake #2: Using Weak Chelators and Binders

Whatever we use to bind toxins needs to be effective or we will experience redistribution of toxins in the body. Herbal and homeopathic chelators are not strong enough due to their physical construct. They can be combined with strong binders and strong chelators, however.

Using chelators in conjunction with strong binders helps to ensure the toxins are removed from the body rather than redistributed.


Mistake #3Using Chelators and Binders That Are Not Clean

The importance of using products for chelation that have been 3rd party tested and verified to be free from heavy metals and chemical contaminants cannot be overstated. As with any product you purchase, do not rely on marketing alone. You have to dig deeper and do some vetting to make sure they are safe and clean. Look on the company website for transparency. If they do not say that they have been 3rd party tested, do not trust that they are clean. You can call companies and ask them as well.


Mistake #4: Not Preparing the Body Properly for Detox

Inflammation is underlying the health conditions people experience. In order to effectively detox, we have to reduce inflammation. Ways to do this include dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and supplements.


The body has natural detox processes and pathways. These should be supported before beginning chelation. Most people need extra methylation support because exposures to so many toxins leave us depleted of methyl groups. Additionally, supporting the liver and kidneys is vital as these are the body’s main detoxification organs. Lymph support is also very helpful.

If you never remove the toxins from your diet and home environment, your detoxification efforts will not be as successful. It is akin to taking a pill to cover a symptom. True detoxification involves actions beyond just taking supplements.


Mistake #5: Using Only One Type of Binder and/or Chelator

Different binders and chelators have affinities for different heavy metals and toxins. When you use more than one at a time, you have a better chance of binding more toxins.


Mistake #6: Not Addressing the Detoxification of the Brain

A heavy metal blood or hair analysis will only show you what is mobilized at the time. It will not show you the toxins that have accumulated in the brain. You would have to have a brain biopsy to show this. If you or your child is exhibiting symptoms of neurotoxicity, you can assume the brain needs to be detoxed.


Be aware that not all chelators can cross the blood-brain barrier, so using the correct products is essential.


Mistake #7: Assuming Detox is a Quick Process

Even if you are doing everything correctly, the body is only going to let go as it can. If all of the toxins were dumped from where they are being stored at once, it would overwhelm the body and be very dangerous. Your body’s innate intelligence knows this and protects you.

Detoxification takes time, especially when you are pulling from deeper tissues in the brain, organs, and bones. Stay the course and keep going. The body can heal when the toxins are removed, but it takes time.

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