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Work with Dr. Janice

Schedule a free 15 Minute Discovery Call with Janice

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In sessions, Janice will address what you or your child needs from a holistic health approach. This includes diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and detoxification. She will guide you toward the best tools and practices to support your health and healing. Everything is individualized based on your personal health history and current needs.

Your first session will be an in-depth examination of your health history to identify the root causes of your symptoms and conditions and assess your health issues. From there, she will make a personalized plan using natural approaches.

Functional testing is optional and can help to identify nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, infections, and imbalances in the microbiome.

Janice does not diagnose or treat conditions. She uses a holistic health approach.

Holistic health takes into account all the parts of you because they are all connected and influence one another. Your emotions and your cognition are affected by the functions of your physical body. Likewise, your body is affected by the state of your emotions, the thoughts you have, and the beliefs you hold.

And there is more. The energy we cannot see makes up more than 95% of the energy that exists. Janice will help you learn to work with more energy to optimize your healing and wellness.


Functioning optimally involves removing the toxins that you have accumulated throughout your life and bringing in the proper nutrition and energy you personally need.

You can purchase individual sessions or sign up for a group of sessions at a discounted price. Individual sessions are $180 and multiple sessions purchased together receive a discount.

Sessions are 60 - 90 minutes and are facilitated virtually through Zoom.

To get started working with Janice, please fill out the form below:

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