It is my passion to empower individuals and families to reach their highest potentials for thriving. I specialize in high sensitivity and and what it takes to live and thrive as a sensitive. 

My Books

Empathic Sensitivity book
The Foundations System
Be Free
Toward Ascension

Be the Healer You and Your Family Need

Learn powerful, effective and accessible tools that sensitive adults and children need in order to live and thrive.

"I am now the most grounded I have ever been in my life after being introduced to The Foundation Healing System by Janice.  Being grounded in my physical body and being grounded in my life is absolutely essential for me to survive on this earth and be totally healthy.  All the grounding techniques that I have been taught up to this point just didn’t always work for me."
- Lela Starseed, intuitive, author, UK

"Amazing healing process which has helped me a lot! Highly recommended for sensitives, empaths, starseeds and really just anyone who is in need of healing after the less than desirable situations we can encounter living here on this planet."
- Matthew in Australia