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Energy Work

Everything is energy.

We are used to working with physical energy that we can see.

But science tells us that this is only less than 5% of all the energy that exists.

It is possible to work with more.

Janice works with a select few people for intuitive energy healing.

Your physical body is made of energy. Doing the following allows you to address the physical energy that impacts your body and well-being and protects Janice from exposure to these toxic energies. In your sessions, Janice will be working with energy on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and etheric levels.

If you are interested in this service, please read the following carefully:

In order to work with Janice for energy healing, whether in one session or multiple sessions, the following requirements must be met:

  1. For at least one month prior to starting your healing sessions, care for your physical body consistently in the following ways:

    • Follow an organic, whole foods diet.

    • Use natural body products and cosmetics.

    • Use natural cleaning products in your home.

    • Remove gluten, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and synthetic preservatives from your diet.

    • Do not consume alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, smoke cigarettes, cigars, vape, or chew tobacco.

​2. Maintain the above throughout the entire time period you are working with Janice.

Before scheduling a Discovery Call with Janice to discuss working together, you must  answer "yes" to the following questions:

1. Do you agree to do all of the above consistently to care for your physical body?

2. Do you agree to address issues that arise in sessions on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and/or etheric levels of your being?


Energy healing sessions will be intuitively guided. They may include a combination of Holographic Sound Healing, channeled guidance that will be either recorded or written and shared with you, and intuitive energy healing. No two will be the same.

Your sessions will be prescheduled so you will know when they are taking place.

All energy healing is facilitated in a safe and gentle way.

Cost for energy healing is $400 per session.

If you have agreed to the above questions and would like to schedule a free Discovery Call with Janice to determine if it is best for you to work with her, click the button below.

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