My Son's Healing Story

by Janice Carlin, PhD, CHHP, CHNP, CNHP

Copyright © 2021 Janice Carlin

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The story of my and my son’s recovery is powerful. I share it to encourage and inspire other parents and sensitive people to persevere in their own journeys toward well-being.

​I have lived a lifetime with severe sensitivities and multi-system health symptoms that doctors struggled find ways to diagnose. Through the journey I took in working to help my son to heal and to thrive, I found ways to help myself and many other people.

My son is now eighteen years old. If you met him today, you would have no idea that he ever had any significant behavioral or health related issues. Due to my persistence in finding natural solutions for his health issues, he’s able to shine his natural potential that was always there, but was hidden away for many years.

Sam came into the world kicking and screaming. The nurses at the hospital told me that they didn’t know why he would not rest in the nursery while all of the other babies laid quietly. In the nursery, he flailed around and cried rather than sleeping peacefully, and he did the same once we brought him home. This continued for almost 6 years.

When he was born, I had a different life. I was a full-time professional musician and band director. I had some experience with alternative healing modalities, but I didn’t know how to do any of them myself. I had no information to explain why my son wouldn’t stop crying all of the time, wouldn’t sleep, and always seemed to have allergies and colds. I wanted to help him, and I had stopped working full-time in order to be home with him, so I had some time to start educating myself.

There is a lot more information available to lay people now than there was eighteen years ago. Thanks to many doctors, scientists, and parents whose passionate dedication to finding solutions for the health issues that children are commonly experiencing, helpful information is at our fingertips. One of the greatest pieces of knowledge that we have today is that these health problems are due to exposures to toxins, both in utero and after birth. The toxins affect their brains, other organs, and their digestive systems. The resulting damage is a child who cannot function to their highest ability in the world. This was what my son was going through, only it took me many years to find this piece, and then more time to put it together with the other pieces, to be able to help him to recover.

We lived for the first 5 years with almost no sleep. Around age 15 months, he developed a severe allergy to eggs that became apparent when he almost asphyxiated. This led me to educate myself about food allergies and sensitivities, of which I had no previous knowledge. I had missed all of the signs, such as rashes, digestive issues, and of course, the crying and not sleeping. At 18 months, he had a severe (and terrifying) reaction to the DTaP vaccine, which resulted in me reading everything I could about vaccines, and subsequently ceasing to allow him to have any further vaccinations.

I was slowly but surely learning what I needed to know in order to help my son, but it was all happening in a very rough manner because I wasn’t aware of how to notice the subtle signs. By the time he was 3, I still hadn’t figured out much more than keeping eggs out of his diet and staying away from more vaccines, so another big whopper came our way in the form of a major car accident. Sam was in the backseat in his car seat and he was safe; I was t-boned on my side and I have no memory at all from the incident. Despite a difficult recovery for me, this was exactly what we needed to get us to the next pieces of information that would help him.

I had seen an energy healer and a physical therapist for my injuries, but it didn’t get me very far. They would do their treatments and then send me on my way. A friend recommended I see her chiropractor because I was still in a lot of pain six months after the accident. This doctor helped me with the physical injuries in very little time. However, the next steps she took with me opened the rest of the doors to the information I needed so that I could help both Sam and myself.

Without going into the details about my personal spiritual awakening, my experiences with this doctor and subsequent healing practitioners taught me what I needed to know beyond the physical toxins that had impacted Sam’s well-being. I began to read voraciously and to learn not just about spirituality, but also about how the energy we can’t see functions and affects people. I took Sam to see some alternative healers, intuitives, and energy workers. Each was helpful to him, but no session was enough to maintain his well-being more than a few days after a session. However, finally, after almost 6 years, Sam began to sleep for longer periods of time. This was the most needed thing for our whole family. But, he had so much else to heal, and I had to make a decision to either develop my own intuitive skills and continue to educate myself or go broke paying other people to do the work for us every few days.

Once he was in school, his other issues became much more apparent. He couldn’t focus or hold still, couldn’t learn to read or to write, he was often ill, and if he heard loud sounds, he would become extremely overstimulated and have to go home. I would get a phone call every few days from his school telling me to come and pick him up. It would usually take a day or two for him to recover from sound sensitivity experiences. On days when he would make it through the entire day at school, he'd come home and scream and cry for 1 - 2 hours. I was determined to help him to thrive. We continued seeing alternative health practitioners, and by the time he was 8, I had gone through some training, read over one hundred books, learned how to use special diets for healing, taught him how to write using an OT program, and had accrued enough knowledge and experience to begin developing my own healing techniques.

We moved to Florida when Sam was in the second grade. He still had some issues, but was overall doing much better in school. His teacher told me that she couldn’t understand how a child so intelligent wasn't in the gifted program. That was something I hadn’t considered since we had spent so much time and energy on just getting him healthy and higher functioning. Eventually, we did have him tested and he qualified for gifted services. By the end of this school year, I had finished developing a new type of healing system for us. When we implemented it for Sam, everything changed for him. My healing was slower because I had already built up 40 years of toxins in my body by this time.

In the spring semester of third grade, Sam earned a spot on a competitive reading team, which consisted of only three students (and one alternate) who had qualified from the entire school. Sam ended up leading his team to three victories, on the school, District, and Regional levels. No one had any idea that two years prior, this child couldn’t even identify his letters, much less read anything at all. Amazingly, by the time he reached middle school, Sam had become the best, deepest sleeper in the house. He has literally slept through several tropical storms and hurricanes! By this time, his hearing sensitivities were completely gone – he enjoyed playing laser tag and going to movies. He became a leader in school and a high-performing student. He regularly performed in drama and music performances. His teachers and the other students admired him because of his kindness, empathy, wisdom, and graciousness.


Sam has no hyperactivity, whatsoever, and rarely gets sick. The way he shows up in the world today is an authentic picture of who he really is. He graduated from high school with an AA degree and is now a senior at the University of South Florida at age 18. This child who couldn't read or write for so long is now in the Honors English program at USF.

What we learned about healthy eating, detoxification, energy healing, high sensitivity, and spirituality is what we use in our everyday lives now to keep him functioning to his highest capacities. Sam’s intuitive gifts are strong, and I taught him from an early age how to use them with discernment to help him to make healthy, wise choices for himself. I knew that his light was so bright and I was determined to find a way for him to live a happy, healthy life without medications and inaccurate labels. I wish that he hadn’t had to go through all of those struggles at such a young age, but it’s because of them that the world has our healing system, so that other parents can learn how energy works and how to work with it to help their sensitive children to heal.

In order to show you the extreme power of truly holistic healing, I share the story of my father's profound recovery from a life-threatening hypersensitivity reaction. You can read it HERE.