Gentle Detox Methods

by Janice Carlin, PhD, CHHP, CHNP, CNHP

Copyright © 2018 Janice Carlin

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We live in a toxin-filled world. Even through the basic life necessities of eating food, drinking water, and breathing air, our bodies are inundated at every turn with chemicals and toxins. For those with genetic mutations in the MTHFR, NAT2, and other genes, it is absolutely vital to use natural, effective methods to assist their bodies in detoxification. You may not know about you or your children's gene mutations, however, if you or they are experiencing autism, autoimmune conditions, ADHD, seizures, allergies, MCAS, or other health conditions related to high sensitivity, what you will read applies to you and to them. There are many ways to accomplish this. I will share some of my preferred ones here that you can use on your own.

First, remember that if you have genetic mutations that lower your body's ability to effectively and efficiently detoxify itself, this means that you may be unable to clear chemicals, medications, histamines, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. If these get stuck inside of your body, they cause differing results, all of which are harmful to your health and quality of life. There are rough ways to detox and gentle ways - I always prefer gentle ones.


First and foremost, keep as many toxins away from you and your children as you possibly can. Remember, you can't keep everything away because you live on Earth. Even when you do your best to avoid the following, you still need to use detox methods. Some of the toxins to avoid that are within your control include:

Chemicals (use natural body and home cleaning products)

Food and beverage additives and preservatives

Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides from conventionally grown, non-organic foods



Non-necessary medications

Cigarette smoke

Recreational drugs


Swimming pools with chlorine and other chemicals

Chlorinated and/or fluoridated water for drinking and bathing


Binders will pull toxins out of your body. Be aware that you will need to take most binders away from other supplements you take to avoid the loss of those nutrients. A few hours in between is a good practice. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to help rid your body of the toxins and let the binders do their work effectively. I have a few favorite binders that I have personally found to be effective and also gentle. I use these daily and can immediately feel it when I skip a dose or a day.

BioActive Carbon Biotox is a systemic biotoxin binder made by Microbe Formulas. It contains humic acid, fulvic acid, yucca root, broccoli sprout and molybdenum.

An amazing binder product is BIND from Systemic Formulas. I cannot speak highly enough about  this product and its effectiveness.

Zeolite is a natural mineral that comes in a powder or liquid. Some have been found to be contaminated with heavy metals and impurities. Cytodetox is the highest quality one I have found and is tested to be safe from metals. When used in conjunction with BIND, it is a wonderful detoxifying system.

Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate. Soaking in a tub (or just a foot bath) with epsom salt can pull toxins out of your body in a gentle way. You can buy Epsom salts at regular drugstores, grocery stores and online.



To the best of your ability, find ways to actively move your body. Some of the daily, gentle practices I recommend are walking and yoga. Find what works for you and your children and then do it consistently. There are so many ways to be active: Riding a bike, playing sports, walking up and down a staircase, doing calisthenics, doing house and lawn work, gardening, dancing, running and jogging, climbing, lifting weights. Getting moving will avoid stagnation in your lymphatic, circulatory, pulmonary, and digestive systems - all of which are needed to move and function properly for detox.



In addition to the above, you have to find what works the best for you. Here are more ideas:

  • Drink a lot of pure water to flush toxins out of your body.

  • Some people can tolerate using saunas to sweat toxins out. Sweating through physical activity also releases toxins through the skin. 

  • Juicing green vegetables is effective for both detoxing and bringing in nutrients at the same time. I recommend juicing celery, cucumber, and leafy greens. You could add a small apple for sweetness, but don't overdo the fruit. Drinking just the green veggies will affect your blood sugar and adding fruit will raise it significantly, which causes unnecessary stress on the body.

  • Take time for yourself to relax, quiet your mind and let go of the experiences of your day.

  • Use energy clearing techniques to clear toxins on an energetic level. This is actually one of my and my son's fundamental daily practices. You can find the techniques we use in my book, The Foundations System.

  • Use a glutathione supplement in conjunction with a toxin binder. Optimal Liposomal Glutathione Plus from Seeking Health is my personal favorite.