Empowered Thriving Academy

Empowerment begins by believing that you can accomplish something, and then gaining the knowledge of what it takes to do it. I share tools and resources to empower you to learn how energy works and work with it to help yourself and your children to recover, heal, and thrive.
All courses are self-paced online.
Current Courses Include:

EMPOWERED PARENTS:  Gain natural, holistic tools, information, and resources to you to be able take effective action to help your children to recover, heal, and thrive. 

DEVELOPING YOUR INTUITION: Learn to use your intuitive gifts, develop your skills, and interpreting the Divine messages you receive in your daily life.

DISCOVER AND CONNECT TO YOUR PURPOSE: Connect to your purpose and live in alignment with your true self. Through written and audio materials, plus exercises, you will gain new knowledge and insights about who you really are and why you are here.

THE FOUNDATIONS HEALING SYSTEM: Become empowered to work with energy on multiple levels in natural ways for healing and manifestation. The Foundations Healing System, developed by Dr. Janice Carlin, is a revolutionary way for highly sensitive people and empaths of all ages to heal and to thrive.

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