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Clean Your Lifestyle to Heal and Thrive


Living a clean lifestyle is not only the foundation of a healthy life, but is also a necessary step to open the door for your body to heal and recover. This empowering course provides you with the information you need to establish this foundation for yourself and your family. Dr. Janice Carlin teaches you the ways you are exposed to toxins and the accessible action steps you can take to significantly lessen your exposures. This course includes 5 lessons with videos, PDF PowerPoint Slides, and PDF documents with resource links. Also included are an eBook and a Course Guide. You will learn how to approach establishing a non-toxic lifestyle by addressing what you can control in your environment, your diet, and the products you use on your body and in your home. Through the course materials, you will learn: * The most important concept that explains why different people are affected in different ways by toxins. * The power you have to control toxin exposures in your everyday life. * How to effectively read product labels to protect yourself and your family from toxins. * How to vet a company to know if their products are safe. * How to replace the products you use with non-toxic alternatives. * Different ways you are exposed to toxins through your food and how to protect yourself and your family from exposures. * The numerous ways you are exposed to chemicals and what to do about it.

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