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“At the ultramicroscopic level, the universe would be akin to a string

symphony vibrating matter into existence.”

Brian Greene, Ph.D.10


What you will read here is one of the most empowering pieces of information I can share with you. This is the only place you will find all of this information assembled together to provide you with a clear understanding of how energy works and affects how you feel. It is not "woo woo", it is science.




As proven in modern science, energy and vibrations are the building blocks of our world and universe. Most people have not learned about this in school because even though a lot of the information was available forty years ago, it was not yet in science textbooks. Thankfully, more is becoming available through television and the Internet for those who wish to educate themselves. It is imperative to gain access to the information that affects our wellbeing, especially the most current and well researched. Without it, we may not realize that there are more solutions and potentials than are being offered by those who are the specialists in their respective healing and scientific fields.

Information being discovered in the field of science is disproving old theories and acquiring new knowledge more quickly than most people may be aware. The ways in which we were taught about energy, physics, and matter in school are simply no longer valid as an explanation for how the body, the world, and the universe function. Renowned researcher, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., explains in a May 2008 interview why we are not aware of the newer information:

Some of the new insights, especially regarding epigenetics (the new science of biology), are just now beginning to show up in regular schools. However, the information about energy vibrations and health, as well as the important role of the subconscious and conscious minds, is not yet being offered to the public. Conventional textbooks are usually from 10 to 15 years behind the leading edge of science, so the schools do not yet have the new sciences incorporated in their curriculum.11



First and foremost, in what appears to be the voids of space, something still exists. Scientists have determined that dark energy, which is not visible, makes up about 70 percent of the universe; dark matter, which also cannot be seen, comprises about 25 percent, and the visible material, which is made of atoms (i.e., living things, stars, and galaxies) comprises only 5 percent. Beyond all of the things that can be seen, 95 percent remains of things that can.12 “Seeing is believing,” simply does not make sense given the reality of dark energy and dark matter.

Dr. Lipton explains a new way of looking at what makes up our universe in his book, The Biology of Belief. He writes:

[Scientists] had come to realize that the universe is not made of matter suspended in empty space, but energy. Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating; each atom is like a wobbly spinning top that radiates energy. Because each atom has its own specific energy signature (wobble), assemblies of atoms (molecules) collectively radiate their own identifying energy patterns. So, every material structure in the universe, including you and me, radiates a unique energy signature.

Lipton then goes on to discuss the fascinating concept of the physical structure of the atom as discovered and defined by quantum physicists, who have discovered that “atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter!”13 Therefore, there is no physical structure at all. This is important to know because it shows that an authentic approach to healing the body involves more than just a purely physical approach. It is necessary to do that which is in alignment with the way that the body is actually designed in order to provide a more effective, less arduous healing experience.


Lipton is a classically trained cell biologist who discovered during his research on stem cells that the ways in which DNA expresses itself can be changed based upon the person’s beliefs and the environment. According to his findings, if cells are placed into a negative environment, they will become unhealthy or die; if they are placed into a positive environment, they will change to a healthy state. The environment significantly contributes to the ability of the body’s cells to express themselves in healthy ways. As Lipton illustrates: think of a positive environment as what is needed in order to thrive, including pure and clean food, water, air, and energy sources, and loving, safe, and nurturing home, school, and work environments. When these things are not present, the body’s systems are unable to work in the ways in which they were designed in order to maintain health and vitality.

This is epigenetics—the new science of biology—which literally means “above the genes.” It recognizes that how genes express themselves depends on many complex external factors. Understanding this science can lead to freedom from addictive behaviors, mental illness, and diseases that presumably have no cures. Empowerment comes from knowing that it is not necessary to suffer from the same ailments as previous generations of your family. In fact, one of the purposes of using The Foundations Healing System (Part 3) is to heal and resolve past traumas and toxins carried through individual’s genetics to end the cycles of struggle and dis-ease for future generations. You can change how your DNA expresses itself; you have the power to change.


Important Points:

  • Much of the energy in the universe is invisible.

  • Energy can be changed.

  • How genes express themselves depend on many complex external factors.

  • We can heal at very deep levels because we can change the way our DNA expresses itself.


Our bodies are not fixed machines, but part of a complex system that comprises more than we can see.

For many people, especially of my and earlier generations, information about complexity science feels very new. But, in fact, it draws on learning from ancient cultures, and it is inherently the way that nature is designed. When I talk to my son about these concepts, he responds with ease of knowingness and understanding. Children are ready to hear us speak these words to them about how life functions in this world.

Complexity science is the study of complex systems. The definition of complex is “consisting of interconnected or interwoven parts.”14 Examples of complex systems include groups of people working together in an organization, ecosystems in nature, the stock market, ant colonies, the human body, families, governments, and weather. Some people apply the concepts of complexity science through whole systems thinking in order to solve problems within organizations, groups of people and natural ecosystems. As you will see, they can also be applied to healing.

You know from the previous section that the energy that makes up everything can be changed and does change, thus causing different effects. Newtonian physics, the science taught in schools, uses reductionist thinking, which examines how each part of something functions separately to define how things work. A reductionist approach works fine for solving problems in simple systems, such as a car engine, but it fails to solve the more large-scale, complex problems that are faced in world today, including that of people’s health. Autism, allergies, and autoimmune disorders are such complex conditions that doctors and scientists have yet to find one way to approach, understand, or heal them. But their incidences are rising exponentially and something needs to be done immediately to end the suffering of so many. As you read more about complexity science, imagine how it can apply to the human body.

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